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Arizona Shinkendo Shibu  
Shinkendo Sites

International Shinkendo Federation
The most complete page on Obata and Shinkendo on the web as well as a worldwide
dojo list

Tsuki Kage dojo
The page for the Shinkendo Dojo in Hermosa Beach Ca. it has some MPEG clips depicting
various aspects of Shinkendo as well as some good articles

Dutch Shinkendo-Aikibuken Federation
The page for the Shinkendo Dojo in Amsterdam.

Discussion Forums

Sword Forum International
An academic organization promoting swords and swordsmanship

Bugei Forum
An interesting collection of forums relating to Martial Arts and Sword Arts.

The Internets Source For Japanese Martial Arts and Culture

A positive martial arts community with intelligent discussions, forums, chat rooms, articles, and
other valuable resources.

Equipment, Supplies, Books , Vidios Ect.

Musashi vs. Kojiro
Prints  by Gary Hostallero

Mugen Dachi Co.
A place to get tatami omote for tameshigiri

W. M. Hawley Library

Artha Gallery
High-performance presentation-grade bokken. Hand crafted of beautiful exotic woods to
provide both strength and elegance.

Bugei Trading Company
Top quality Samurai related martial arts goods.

the largest online retailer of martial arts supplies,

Arizona Dojos

Arizona Shaolin Kenpo Academy
Shaolin Kenpo, Shinkendo, Grappling,Modern Arnis, Fitness Training

Arizona Budokan
The Arizona Budokan is a unique martial arts school. We offer classes taught by highly qualified Black Belt Instructors in several different martial arts all under one roof. Arizona Budokan students can study any single or combination of arts selected.

Traditional Martial Arts Center
Judo, Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Shinkendo
Home of Arizona's Oldest Established Karate Organization


Samurai Archives
A good resource on samuri history

Kyuba no Michi
(The way of the horse and bow)

Miyamoto Musashi
The page I had here link died, which is not a good thing. But it did inspire me to go on search for another  page on Musashi. Here is result of this search.

Sho-Shin News Letter
A very interesting site with articles  on Samurai history, and Japanese Sword history
and appraisal


The Southern California Naginata Federation
Naginata is a Japanese martial art form for men, women, and children. The Naginata originated over 1,000 years ago. It was a powerful weapon against horsemen and foot soldiers alike. The Naginata's length and weight made it an efficient weapon against the sword, and its circular execution made it one of the most graceful and fluid of classical Japanese combat systems. Naginata today is an art form that teaches etiquette, respect, patience, self-confidence, and self-control. The practice of Naginata nurtures stamina, beauty and grace of movement, and the building of character through discipline and concentration. Moreover, it prepares individuals to deal with the rigors of life, and in establishing a moral code based on chivalry and honor.
A page of well written Martial Arts articles from a variety of sources

Japanese Sword Society of the United States
some good articles on maintaining swords & history

Kampai Budokai

Modern Arnis at Arizona Shaolin Kenpo
Come and check one of the other programs at ASKA

International Modern Arnis Federation

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